All-Access Fitness is breaking new ground by establishing a NEW adaptive fitness center that is safe, barrier-free, and at no-cost to its disabled members. We believe the perks and benefits of exercise can and should be available to every person despite mobility or sensory limitations.

We are driven and determined to make our vision a reality by promoting awareness and greater participation for our disabled community through centers like ours. We offer adaptive exercise equipment, specialized machines, and fitness programs to members suffering from physical disabilities. Our members are evaluated to ensure their specific needs and met and stay in focus. Our fitness mentoring provides a stepping stone to better health and helps reinforce self-care.

Whether connected by family, acquaintance or association, it is likely that you know someone faced with the challenges that come with being disabled. Exercise and overall physical fitness contribute to maintaining a higher level of independence and sense of freedom. Studies have shown that regular exercise, within the disabled community, can yield tremendous results such as improved stamina, balance, muscle strength, and mobility. Fitness and exercise are paramount to physical, psychological, and emotional health. Join us in creating an accessible, safe, and inclusive resource center that promotes health and fitness education.

We believe every person, regardless of physical disability or impairment, can benefit from a comprehensive exercise program and create positive change toward stronger and more sound physical and mental health. Please show your support and take initiative to help our cause gain traction; others will follow! 100% of donations will be allocated to establishing and maintaining the organization. We encourage you to give within your means as part of this effort, and to help us spread the word. Remember all donations are tax-deductible whether your an individual or a company.


We envision every person, despite limitations, has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and contribute to their own well being.


Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals living with disabilities access to physical fitness training and exercise programs in a safe and supportive environment.


We are committed to modeling respect to all individuals equally by building a foundation of mutual trust, acceptance, understanding, and accountability.


Adaptive athletes travel from all around the globe to CrossFit Rubicon in Vienna, Virginia, to participate in the Working Wounded Games, a competition that levels the playing field for severely wounded veterans and permanently injured civilians.