Our programs provide accessibility to specialized fitness facilities, mentored  training, and health education to the disabled community at little or no-cost to members.  Joining All Access Fitness has never been easier.  Along with all the great programs and benefits, each member gets personalized attention to their specific needs and goals.

You’re not just joining a gym. You’re joining a supportive community of like-minded people who are here to give you the training, encouragement, and support you need to be at your best.


Please contact us to submit a short questionnaire to activate your membership. Your eligibility will be determined within 48 hours. Assistance is available if needed.


Anyone interested in participating in group exercise or wishes to become a fitness center member is required to have a medical form filled out by their physician or health professional to be kept on file. Contact us or download and return the completed Medical Form


We invite you to visit our facilities and get familiar with our available programs. Contact us during our normal business hours to schedule a visit. Most visits are scheduled within a week or sooner. We look forward to serving you.